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Packing Correctly for a Vacation is Important

  When you will get ready for a vacation, on of the most important things that you do besides planning the trip, is to pack. Knowing what to pack depends on where you are going, and also the time of

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This Summer, Visit Fort Myers, Florida

  While thinking of your summer vacation, or next vacation, consider Fort Myers. Fort Myers, Florida offers numerous things to see, do, and enjoy. No matter if you are from Florida, driving here, or flying here, you will have a

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Visit Sea World when in Florida

  If you are taking a vacation to Fort Myers, Florida or a nearby area, you will want to see everything you can. One fun thing to do is to visit Sea World. It is an aquarium that is also

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Take a Much Needed Vacation

Taking a vacation provides several benefits. It gives the opportunity for adventure and exploring new places. It also gives a chance to relax and unwind, learn new skills, gain insight, expand one’s perspective, strengthen connections with family and friends, create

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What Florida has to Offer on your Vacation

  Family vacations are life’s answer to stressful situations. Taking a trip with your loved ones, or without, can be great no matter where you go. Florida has been one of the top rated destinations for family vacations for decades,

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Renting a Car While on Vacation

  On vacation, consider renting a car. It is more convenient in the long run. If traveling with children, you can put everything you need or might need in the vehicle for the day. Also, you will not have to

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Take a Vacation this Summer

  There is a definite connection between taking regular breaks during the day and your level of productivity. While these daily breaks can keep us going over the short term, it’s vital that we take longer breaks from work to

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Visiting the Edison and Ford Winter Estates

    The Edison and Ford Winter Estates is a great place to visit while on vacation. Thomas Edison visited Fort Myers for the first time in March of 1885, it is where he became interested in the botanical growth

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Packing for Vacation

When you plan your vacation, you should know what the weather might be. This can help you when you pack. If you don’t check the weather before you begin packing, you may end up spending money on clothing and assorted

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Take a Florida Vacation

  Taking a vacation or getaway to Florida can be exciting. When planning your next getaway, consider Fort Myers, Florida. Family vacations are great way to forget stressful situations. If you have been feeling overwhelmed lately by work, kids, or

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