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Why Florida is a Great Vacation Destination

  Family vacations are life’s answer to stressful situations. If you have been feeling overwhelmed lately by work, kids, or just the monotony and stresses of everyday life, it might be time to book that vacation you have been dreaming

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Visiting the Edison & Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers

    In 1886, inventor Thomas Edison purchased land along the Caloosahatchee River in Fort Myers and constructed a winter home dubbed Seminole Lodge where he and his wife Mina wintered until the inventor’s death in 1931. Wanting to spend

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The Importance of Taking a Vacation

  You may not realize it, but taking a vacation can offer several benefits for your overall health and productivity. The average U.S. employee takes only half of their allotted vacation time. Unsurprisingly, they are suffering from being overworked, overwhelmed

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Enjoying Places to Dine while in Fort Myers

  When vacationing in Fort Myers, Florida, make sure to rent a car when you are here. This helps you to schedule your time for where you want to go, when you want to go. You will not have to

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The Benefits of Golfing

As all golfers know, a game of golf is both mentally stimulating and physically challenging. Golf may not be a physically demanding sport, but one round will likely mean you are outside and moving around, walking for several hours at

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Enjoy Fort Myers this Spring

    The perfect weekend vacation or getaway is to visit Fort Myers. Here are there coastal wetland preserves, forest-lined rivers and an ocean teeming with marine life set the stage for a wide range of activities that explore Florida’s

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Enjoying the Beautiful Nature that Fort Myers has to Offer

  When you visit Fort Myers, make sure to set aside some time to enjoy the nature and environment that is here.   The Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium is a private, not for profit, environmental education organization located in

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Fort Myers and Spring Training

  Spring is an ideal time to visit Fort Myers, Florida. This is because the temperature and weather is enjoyable almost every day. Also, now is the time of the year that baseball teams start their spring training.   Although

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Fishing in Fort Myers, Florida

  When you visit Fort Myers, Florida, make sure to set aside time to go fishing. There are fishing tournaments that are held throughout the year, that attracts people from all over to attend. If you fly into the Fort

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Things to Enjoy when you visit Fort Myers, Florida for Vacation

  If you are flying in to Fort Myers, make sure to rent a car. This allows you several benefits because you are able to go and see what you want, when you would like to do so. You will

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