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Take a Much Needed Vacation

Taking a vacation provides several benefits. It gives the opportunity for adventure and exploring new places. It also gives a chance to relax and unwind, learn new skills, gain insight, expand one’s perspective, strengthen connections with family and friends, create

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Visiting the Edison and Ford Winter Estates

    The Edison and Ford Winter Estates is a great place to visit while on vacation. Thomas Edison visited Fort Myers for the first time in March of 1885, it is where he became interested in the botanical growth

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Why Vacations are Good for You

Why vacations are beneficial? You may ask yourself this from time to time. You might not think you need a vacation now, or even in a month. But the truth is taking a vacation has numerous benefits. This ranges from

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Take an Enjoyable Vacation

  When you plan your getaway, you will want to have an enjoyable vacation. Getting away may be stressful, to make sure everything is ready. You will want to make sure your home is in good condition for you to

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Spring Training in Florida

  Every spring professional the professional baseball teams have spring training. In Fort Myers, the Twins and Sox come to practice. Spring training is meant for teams to practice and play exhibition games. This all happens prior to the start

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Why Vacations are Beneficial for your Health

  Did you know a vacation benefit can help you be more productive at work? Vacations are not only fun, but they are also beneficial for you health. Vacations work to reduce stress by removing people from the activities and

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Why you Should Rent a Car on your Next Vacation

Having a rental car can give you a huge advantage over having to wait for public transportation or having to pay for a taxi every time you want to go somewhere that not within walking distance. When renting a car,

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Packing for your Next Vacation

  Vacation packing can be done any time. You might prefer to pack a week before. You may also want to pack the closer you get to the trip. No matter if you are flying, driving, or renting a car,

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Why It’s Not Too Early to Plan your Summer Vacation

  You may not think about it, but now is the perfect time to start planning for your summer vacation. Travel and consumer experts say that now is the very best time to start researching and booking your dream trip

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Taking Photos while on Vacation

Taking photos on vacation is something everyone does. When you are on vacation, you will more than likely want to take pictures. No matter if you have a camera or you take photos with your cell phone, you will want

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