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Renting a Car while on Vacation

  When you go on vacation, you will want to have the most enjoyable time possible. One option you have is renting a car. By renting a car, you are able to control when you want to go places, and

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What to Enjoy in Florida this Fall

  When you visit Florida on your next vacation or weekend trip, there is a lot you can see or do. No matter if you want to do an activity, spend time relaxing, or go shopping, there is always something

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Reasons Why you Should Golf

The game has been around for more than 400 years, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Starting in Scotland, the game has evolved and is played all around the world. Golfing also provides you with several benefits. Challenging Golf

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The Edison and Ford Winter Estates

    When visiting Fort Myers, Florida, you will want to see and enjoy as much as possible. The best way to do this, especially if you are flying in, is to rent a car. This way you can visit

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Enjoy Fort Myers this Spring

    The perfect weekend vacation or getaway is to visit Fort Myers. Here are there coastal wetland preserves, forest-lined rivers and an ocean teeming with marine life set the stage for a wide range of activities that explore Florida’s

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Enjoying the Beautiful Nature that Fort Myers has to Offer

  When you visit Fort Myers, make sure to set aside some time to enjoy the nature and environment that is here.   The Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium is a private, not for profit, environmental education organization located in

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Nature to see in Fort Myers, Florida

    Taking a vacation to Fort Myers, Florida is perfect this time of the year. There are a wide variety of things to see and do while you are here. Future scientists and engineers (and their families) come to

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Enjoy the Fall Weather at Fort Myers, Florida

  If you are looking to take a vacation, or even a short weekend getaway, consider Fort Myers, Florida. No matter if you fly or drive, you will enjoy the beautiful weather and nature Fort Myers has to offer. You

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Fort Myers Nature to Enjoy while you Visit

  When visiting Fort Myers, Florida, there is a lot that you can see, do, and enjoy. Fort Myers offers wonderful nature and wildlife that you can experience. This happens naturally everywhere on the beaches of Fort Myers. Anhinga and

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Enjoying Fort Myers, Florida this Summer

  When trying to decide where you want to spend your summer vacation, why not consider Fort Myers, Florida. Here you can enjoy the nice, warm, seasonable weather and environment. No matter what you like to do on your vacation,

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