Edison and Ford Winter Estates

How about trying something a little different on your next trip to Southwest Florida. Fort Myers is a fantastic place to spend your winters, and that’s exactly where Thomas Edison and his long time friend and neighbor Henry Ford spent the cold northern winter months.


If you choose to visit the Edison & Ford Winter Estates at 2350 McGregror Road in Fort Myers Florida, you will find yourself transported back to a time of a bygone era. The property has been kept in pristine condition and provides a first hand look at the lives of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.


When you tour the property, the first thing you’ll notice is the early twentieth century architecture. You’ll be surprised to discover innovations which most modern homes still don’t have, which is exactly what you would expect from eccentric homeowners like Edison and Ford.

For you swimming pool buffs, you’ll have an opportunity to see one of the first modern cement swimming pools ever build in Florida by Thomas Edison over 100 years ago. The pool is constructed of Edison Portland Cement, which Edison holds over 40 patents having to do with its development and production.


The next thing you’ll notice is the beautiful gardens surrounding the property. Edison’s botanical garden is populated with over one thousand varieties of imported plants from all over the world. He originally created the garden so he could test the byproducts of the plants which he used in many of his experiments. Today, the garden is loaded with tropical plants from all over the world.


For those of you who are more scientifically minded, you’re going to go gaga over Edison’s Fort Myers Laboratory. This is where he and his staff conducted experiment after experiment researching the botanical plants found in his garden. The lab is filled with the original equipment Edison used for his experiments. Oh, and make sure to ask your tour guide about how Edison, Ford and their friend Harvey Firestone collaborated to create latex for tires using goldenrod when the price of rubber soared in the late 1920’s.


The property offers more than just a walk through of an old home and garden. The price of admission gives you access to their 15,000 square foot, air conditioned museum where you will have an opportunity to see first hand why Thomas Edison is considered one of the most prolific inventors of all time. You’ll see permanent exhibits on display sampling Edison’s work including the voice recorder, x-ray machine, telephone, cement, rubber, telegraph and home appliances including the toaster, irons, light bulbs and more.


This is one of those, “Can’t Miss” trips you’re definitely going to want to make while in Southwest Florida. Having an opportunity to walk back in time and get into the heads of two of the most influential men in history is priceless.
The property is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day of the year except for Christmas and Thanksgiving Day. Admission fees change based on age and venues, and they even offer group rates for those traveling to Fort Myers with a group.

To find out more, you can contact the Edison and Ford Winter Estates directly at 239-334-7419 or ask the people at Regal Car Rental about their experience with the Winter Estate when you call to reserve your rental car.

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