Enjoying Fort Myers, Florida

When planning your next vacation, why not visit Fort Myers, Florida. This is an ideal vacationing spot because of the seasonable weather and temperatures that Fort Myers has to offer. Fort Myers also offers several areas and attractions that you can visit. These are both fun and educational for all ages of the family. You can visit several museums where you can learn historical facts about the Fort Myers area. You can also learn why it was named Fort Myers, and what the function of the town was used for. There are also fun events to attend when you are here.

The Weather is pleasant

One of the main reasons people visit Fort Myers is for the nice weather it has to offer. Fort Myers has a subtropical climate year round. The winters are typically seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit, and the low is generally fifty-two degrees Fahrenheit. The best time of the year to visit Fort Myers is in the spring and fall. The highs are usually around eighty degrees Fahrenheit, with the lows being in the sixties. If you enjoy swimming, boating or other water activities, the water is also nice year round. The water will get near ninety degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. It will then be in the seventies to eighties the rest of the year. This can help to provide a fun and relaxing place to spend time while you visit Fort Myers.

The Fort Myers Art Walk

While in Fort Myers, there are several events that you can attend. On the first Friday of each month there is an Art Walk. This is held between six p.m. to ten p.m. The Art Walk will feature local artwork, as well as national artwork. These are from the art galleries downtown and from several other art shops in the Fort Myers area. There is also a free shuttle service that can stop near the art venues if you are attending the Art Walk. This makes it accessible for anyone who would like to take in this event while visiting the Fort Myers area.

The Music Walk in Fort Myers

If you are unable to make the Art Walk on the first Friday of each month, try to attend the Music Walk. This is held on the third Friday of each month. The Music Walk takes place between six p.m. and ten p.m. on these Fridays. This will take place in Downtown Fort Myers. There are over a dozen venues that participate in featuring the music of local and regional musicians. Several different restaurants, bars, art galleries, and shops will present a range of music during the monthly Music Walk. This can be any type of music, including jazz, blues, and rock. Each month can help to provide new music for the historical city of Fort Myers, Florida. Music lovers from all over like to come to this event. You can also meet people who share an interest in music like you do. This is a fun event for everyone in the family to enjoy.

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