While in Fort Myers, visit the Edison and Ford Winter Estates

When you are planning your next trip to Fort Myers, make sure to plan ahead with what to see. There are numerous attractions and places to visit while here. These can be fun and educational any member of the family. One of the most frequent attractions is the Edison and Ford Winter Estates. This includes a wide history of items and artifacts. This makes up twenty acres of historical buildings. It also offers a variety of beautiful gardens. Take time to visit and enjoy the Edison Botanic Research Lab. There is also a museum that you can visit. Here you can learn historical and interesting facts. There is also a wide collection of inventions, exhibits, and items to see and observe. There are several places to visit, including the Mian House, Guest House, and the Caretakers House. The historical landscape of 1929 is evident throughout the property.

Edison & Ford Winter Estates have Numerous things to Offer

Besides exploring the historical and informative sites of the winter estates, there are numerous things the estates have to offer. The site also offers the opportunities for the public to enjoy special events. These can be weddings, corporate functions, meetings, exhibits, as well as educational programming. At the Edison and Ford Winter Estates, you can have the chance to see historical pieces and pictures of old Florida. This can help to learn historical, scientific, and cultural facts about Fort Myers and the surrounding area of Florida.

The History of the Estates

The history of the Edison and Ford Estates is interesting. While Thomas Edison was born in Ohio, he made the decision to build a winter home in Fort Myers, Florida. Edison visited Fort Myers in March of 1885. It was then that he became interested in the botanical growth and habitat that southwest Florida had to offer. He also had the idea to carbonize the bamboo fibers and use them as filaments for his incandescent light bulbs. After being in Fort Myers for twenty-four hours, Edison purchased fourteen acres of property along the Caloosahatchee. It was here that he built two winter homes. They were complete with an electric laboratory and botanical gardens. This is where they would spend the winters, while also becoming friends. When Edison died, he was holding one thousand and ninety three patents. He also holds the record as being the only person in the country to ever have a patent granted every year for sixty-five consecutive years. This was from 1868 to 1933. These are just some of the facts you can learn while visiting.

Other Places to Visit

Besides visiting the Edison and Ford Winter Estates, take time to visit other historical parts of the city. This is a great learning experience for anyone. There are also boat rides that can allow you to see the Everglades. You can see the beautiful wildlife and nature that lives in Fort Myers. You can also go fishing or golfing, any time of the year. There are also lessons that you or family members can take to learn or improve skills. No matter what you like to do, Fort Myers has an option for you.

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