Fun Activities to take part in While in Fort Myers, Florida

When visiting the Fort Myers area, there is plenty to see and do. No matter if you like to shop, see wildlife, or take part in sports, there is something for you to do when you visit. There are also places where you can fish. These include fishing off of a boat, shore, or even out fly-fishing. If you are not sure how to fish, there are venues that offer fishing lessons. This can be beneficial because even if you already know how to fish, you may pick up a few tips to improve your fishing skills. There are also places where you can go out on a boat to fish. These guides can advise you on some of the best places to fish from. You can also go on one of the several tours that are in the Fort Myers area. This can be both fun and educational for any member of the family. This offers a great opportunity to see the wildlife and nature in Florida.


The Everglades Heritage and Birding Tour

The tour is an exciting one that offers several places to view wildlife and nature. You will be able to have extensive exploring opportunities of the Everglades National Park. Your guide will also provide ecological and historical facts about the area. While on the tour, there is a good chance you will see various wildlife. This can include alligators, otters, hawks, as well as a wide variety of other birds.

Everglades National Park Eco Tour

On this tour you can travel through the Florida Everglades by boat, kayak, or by walking. There is also a wide variety of wildlife that you will be able to see. This includes manatees, eagles, and alligators. A Florida master naturalist guide will offer commentary throughout the tour. This is a great way to experience the unique ecosystems of the barrier islands.

The Everglades Mangrove Kayak Eco Tour

This tour allows you to ride a kayak through freshwater and saltwater lakes. Having a leisurely paddle through one of the largest mangrove forests is relaxing and also educational. Your guide will share information on the wildlife and habits they live in. You will also see the forest and lakes along this tour.

Everglades Swamp Walking Eco Tour

This tour allows you the opportunity to walk through the Everglades. You will be able to see the rich plant life that inhabits the area. This includes orchids, cypress trees, as well as numerous other species. Some of the wildlife you might see includes black bears, alligators, egrets, and hawks. This tour is a great way to learn about the ecosystem in Florida.

Billie Swamp Safari & Airboat Ride

This tour includes a boat ride that is over two thousand acres of Florida Everglades. This offers serene views of the swamp and wilderness for the Everglades. With the assistance of your guide, you will be able to learn interesting facts about the area and wildlife. This tour is one that should not be missed.

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