Have Fun this November by Golfing

If you are vacationing at Fort Myers, Florida, or just passing through, make sure to set aside some time for a round of golf. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced player to the game, Fort Myers has several beautiful courses to choose from. Some will offer challenging play, while others can be fun. No matter if you want to walk, use a golf cart, play nine holes, or play eighteen, there are enough courses to fit your needs. With the beautiful weather and warm temperatures, Fort Myers is a popular spot to go golfing. Make sure to plan ahead by calling. This way you can set up a tee time at your desired course, so you can ensure you can play on it. While at the course, also make sure to visit the clubhouse. There are several great food items to choose from before or after you go golfing, as well as merchandise.

The Exercise Benefits Golf has

While it might not seem like it, golf actually has quite a few benefits for your health. You can choose to walk the course, which will give you the most exercise. This is because you can walk for nine or eighteen holes and burn calories. It can also help build arm strength with each stroke you take. If you have bad legs or feet, the option to rent a cart is beneficial. Even with renting a cart, you are still getting exercise by walking to the ball, and each stroke you take. If you go golfing with friends or family, you will be exercising, without even noticing it because of the fun you will have. It will also be fun to golf because each course offers different scenery that is beautiful in the Fort Myers area.

The Option of Renting Equipment

If you are in the area, there are several options you can choose from. This includes places and attractions to see, as well as activities and sports. If you do not have or own your own golf clubs, make sure to visit the clubhouse. Most courses offer club rentals. You can also rent a pull cart for the golf bag. This makes it convenient if you want to walk the course but do not want to carry a bag. Another option is you can rent a golf cart to drive. This can make golfing go faster, because you can drive to the ball after hitting it, rather than walking. Some golf carts fit two people, while others will fit four. This is another great way to talk and socialize with those you are golfing with. If you are looking to buy clubs, balls, or tees, the clubhouse will have those available as well for you.

Golfing is a Fun Activity

No matter what age, going golfing is a fun activity for the whole family. If you have young children, you can also find mini golf courses. This focuses on putting, with special obstacles suited for young children. Mini golf is another fun activity option you have while in Fort Myers.

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