The Key West Express

If you are planning your next vacation or weekend getaway, consider beautiful Fort Myers, Florida. If you are flying into the area, make sure to rent a car. This is beneficial because you can go and see what you want, when you want. You will not have to rely on other modes of transportation, and the schedule they provide. This can help you to experience as much of the Fort Myers area as possible. By experiencing all that Florida has to offer, you can help to ensure that you will have a pleasant time here. In the Fort Myers area, there are several things to enjoy for family members of all ages. You can even travel to nearby towns for their attractions and activities as well. Another option you have is to visit Key West. The best way to get there is to use the Key West Express. The Key West Express is a fun experience for the whole family. There are several ferries to choose from as you travel. They are clean, sleek in design, and high speed. The best part is that they are also air-conditioned. The ferries feature sundecks, snack bars, and big screen televisions.

What is the Key West Express?

The Key West Express is a great experience that should not be missed. The Key West Express is a lineup of several ferries that take you to Key West. These offer a great sight seeing trip when traveling. There are several different ferries to choose from. The largest is the flagship vessel. This is the one hundred and seventy foot Key West Express Catamaran. Each of these vessels are fun and relaxing to travel on. They all have outdoor sun decks. They also all feature a full gallery and bar. Each one is also equipped with several large flat screen televisions.

Things to do While Here

Now matter when you are visiting, there is always something going on in Key West. This can make for a fun and enjoyable time when visiting. One large event is the Hemingway Days Celebration. Ernest Hemingway left a legacy in Key West, Florida. He is known for his wonderful novels that he wrote. He was also a Pulitzer Prize-winning author. There are also several other great attractions to see when you are in Key West, Florida. Besides the local attractions and shopping, there are also a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. You can enjoy water attractions like fishing, boating, or anything in between.

Enjoying Florida with Nature and Scenery

When traveling on the Key West Express, you will be able to see the wildlife and nature of Florida. This can make for an enjoyable activity while on vacation. You will be able to see a wide variety of animals and nature in the Florida area. You can also see the vegetation and planet life that the warm climate of Florida has. No matter what you like to do or see, Fort Myers, Florida is the place to visit.

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