Knowing what the City of Palms Park is all about

While in Fort Myers, Florida, take some time to view some of the most talked about places. Part of the vacationing experience is to see places that are historical, and ones that are popular in today’s culture. The City of Palms Park is a stadium that is in Fort Myers. This stadium is used primarily for baseball. On occasion however, this venue will be used for a few concerts throughout the year. It also serves as the spring training facility for the Boston Red Sox. This lasted from the opening in nineteen ninety three to two thousand eleven. Fort Myers was chosen because the former left fielder for the Boston Red Sox, Mike Greenwell, was from here. The stadium was built in 1992 and can hold 8,000 people. The City of Palms Park was also home to the Red Sox Rookie team, which is the Gulf Coast League Red Sox. This is during the months of April through June. The name of the stadium was taken from the official nickname of Fort Myers.

About the City of Palms Park

The City of Palms Park is well maintained on a daily basis. Crews of six are always present during the spring training season. Their job is to care for and maintain the grounds. Every effort is made in order to give the players the best spring training facility possible for them. The grounds crew has even won the Ground Crew of the Year award in 2005 and 2007. This only proves how dedicated these workers are. The Hammond Stadium, located on the south end of town, is the facility for the Minnesota Twins. In February of two thousand twelve, the Boston Red Sox moved their spring training to the newly built, JetBlue Park. This is located on County Highway eight hundred seventy six in Fort Myers. It is also located close to the Southwest Florida International Airport. This can make it convenient for tourists.

An affiliation with the Minor League

The Player Development Complex is where the Boston Red Sox train and practice during their spring training season. It also houses the all of the Minor league affiliates and coaches during the entire month of March. This complex includes five baseball fields with bullpens and eight batting tunnels. There is a large and spacious meeting room in the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse also offers a conference room, kitchen, full locker room, laundry room, and six offices. Recently they expanded the weight training room to help benefit the players.

JetBlue Park is developed

The lease between the Red Sox and Fort Myers will run through 2019. Recently, the Red Sox have signed a new agreement that will keep their spring training facility in the Fort Myers area for at least thirty more years. The new training facility for the Red Sox is just a few miles from the City of Palms Park. At JetBlue Park, the outfield is an exact copy of Fenway field. While in Fort Myers, do not forget to visit this historical stadium.

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