Learn How to Golf in Fort Myers, Florida

If you drive or fly to Fort Myers, make sure to set aside some time to take in a round of golf. This is a great sport that is also fun, as well as good exercise for you. It is okay to have fun out there, keeping in mind respect for other players who do take it serious. No matter what your skill level is, there is a course that is right for you. If you do not know how to golf, there are several courses that offer golf lessons. Here you can learn the game of golf, or improve your skills. This is beneficial for any one of any age.


Start the Game by Teeing Off

The tee box is where you hit the first stroke from. Try to remain quiet and out of the golfer’s view, including your shadow that may hinder the golfer’s concentration as they hit the ball. The best position to stand when a player is addressing the golf ball would be to the other side, opposite of his golfer’s arm extension. You should be standing far enough back to see the club head and golf ball of the player addressing the ball. By taking this position, you would definitely be giving the player room to concentrate, unless he can see your shadow or hear the chatter of your clubs or talk. When you must stand behind or front of a golfer addressing his or her shot, take a second to ask if it is okay and or are you far enough away. Watch the golf ball finish rolling and mark the spot with a tree or bush. A lot of golfers do not like to watch their ball land, if it is a bad shot.

Get the ball to the Green

Around the green can be a little more complex for the new golfer. If you hit your ball and make a divot on the fairway, make sure to repair it. This will help keep the course looking nice and staying in the best condition possible for everyone who golf’s there. When you reach the green, there will be as many balls on the green as there are players in your group. The main goal is not to walk on another’s players line to the golf hole. When you find another player is further back from the hole, you should mark your ball. When approaching your golf ball, you have to be careful as to where you walk. Another player’s line to the hole should not have a big footprint to go over. If it is your turn to putt and there is a ball in front of you, ask that competitor to mark the ball. The golfer that is closes to the hole should tend the pin. When tending the pin, be careful not to cast a shadow over the player’s line. When the shot is taken, pull the pin so your competitor does not get penalized for hitting the flagstick.

Playing Golf is Enjoyable

The game of golf originated out of fun. There are those that take it quite seriously. Follow most of these tips, and it could be quite enjoyable. No matter if you are with friends, family, people you just met, or even yourself, golf can be a great sport to enjoy.

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