Places to Visit in Fort Myers, Florida

One of the most enjoyable places to take a vacation to is Fort Myers, Florida. While visiting or vacationing, there is a lot that the town has to offer. One of the most popular attractions in the summer is the fishing that can be done. There are several places to fish, with different types of fish in these areas. You can also choose what type of fishing you want to do. This can include fishing off of a boat, dock, the shore, or even fly-fishing. There are also fishing lessons that are offered. If you want to venture out on your own to fish, but do not know how to drive a boat. You can take one of the boating classes that are offered. You can also choose to have a guide, which will help to point out where the best fishing spots are.

Historical Museums and Places

welcome-florida2When visiting Fort Myers, make sure to attend the Southwest Florida Museum of History. This museum is very informative for the southwest section of Florida, as well as the Fort Myers town. The museum shows the development of the Fort Myers area. It also shows the town as both a military fort and as a city. Other exhibits show it as a cattle town and fishing area. With exhibits nicely displayed, you can learn and see all that the museum has to offer. The museum also offers audio guides that correspond to the exhibits. There is a real Pullman car that you can walk through to view. You can also learn about the Calusa and Seminole Indians. This includes the Seminole Wars as well. The displays also display several artifacts and pictures during that time. There are also exhibits that include a military area that is informative about firefighters. This museum is fun and educational for family members of any age.

Visit the Shell Factory and Nature Park

The Shell Factory and Nature Park is another great place to visit when in the Fort Myers area. There several animals that you can hand feed. This can range from several different types of reptiles to birds. There are also camel rides and pony rides. You can also play a round of mini golf with the family, or enjoy paddleboat rides. There are bumper boats that you can ride and play with. The children can also participate in an activity that they can go mining for hidden gems. There are also great gift shops that you can purchase memorabilia and other souvenirs. The Shell Factory is also recommended to see. The shop includes a wide variety of shells, starfish, coral, as well as others. The Nature Park also includes an aviary that you can walk through. Here, you can see several tropical birds, local birds, peacocks, as well as a variety of others. There are also great restaurants to choose from if you get hungry.

Golfing is a popular activity

While in Fort Myers, make sure to set aside some time to enjoy a round of golf. Each course is unique and different. This can help make for a fun round of golf. Make sure to contact the course prior to arriving. This is because most courses require a tee time. You can also have the option to take golf lessons, to help improve your game.

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