Reasons why you should visit Fort Myers, Florida

Visiting Fort Myers, Florida is beautiful this time of year. If you want to get away from the cooler temperatures of spring, or if you are planning a vacation, consider visiting Fort Myers. This destination is both fun and entertaining for everyone in the family. There are several sights to see and attractions to go to. If you enjoy shopping, this is the place for you. There are several different types of stores to choose from. Some are locally owned as well. This can help to fit your shopping needs. There are also several great restaurants to choose from. Some of these are chain restaurants, while others are locally owned restaurants. Most of the eating establishments will offer fresh seafood on their menu because Fort Myers is known for the fishing options. If you like to boat, this can be done as well. There are even boating lessons at some rental places.

The weather is great

Fort Myers offers nice warm temperatures year round. The temperatures can be in the seventies during the winter months. In the spring and summer they can get as high as ninety degrees Fahrenheit. The water is also nice and warm so you can enjoy time swimming, fishing, or boating. There are several types of fish that you would be able to catch. The option of fly-fishing is also available. During the spring months, there are tarpon fishing tournaments. This is due to the waters being an ideal place for crabs, shrimp, and other varieties of small fish. No matter if you like being in the water to enjoy it, or simply like the outdoors, Fort Myers offers comfortable weather year round.

Historical sites to see

There are also some historical places to visit. These can offer museums so you can learn about facts and history of the Fort Myers area. There are several exhibits to see when you are here. You will learn why Fort Myers was named that way, and what it was first used for as a town. It also has several historical structures and buildings that represent the history of Downtown Fort Myers. Some of these buildings are from the nineteenth century. The museum is also a great historical reference. It holds items from the past years of Fort Myers. Since Fort Myers was originally built as a military base in 1841, there are great places to see and visit. This is beneficial for those who are interested in the history of this region. The Southwest Florida Museum of History is also located in Fort Myers. This has informative and educational things about the Florida area.

Attractions that are fun and educational

There are several attractions that offer scenic views to Florida’s nature. You can take a tour of the Everglades. This allows you to see some of Florida’s most spectacular views on the scenery. There are also nice beaches that you can visit. Here, you can swim, boat, and in some locations fish. You may even see some of Florida’s wildlife like alligators and other types of animals.

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