Seeing Nature in Fort Myers, Florida

When visiting the Fort Myers area, make sure to set aside some time to see the nature. Fort Myers offers great sightings of the nature in the area. You can take a boat ride and see the wildlife, nature, and ecosystem. Another way to view this is to walk and enjoy the fresh air while hiking. There are several attractions and activities you can choose from. All have the benefit of seeing Florida’s wildlife and nature.


Everglades Area Tours

While in Fort Myers, make sure to take the Everglades National Park Grand Heritage and Birding Tour. This is a great opportunity to see the wildlife and nature. Take a boating, kayaking, and walking tour of the Everglades National Park. A tour guide will accompany you to point out and explain the nature. Depending on the day that you go, the tour may be different than the next. Each tour is specific for the weather conditions, or time of the year. There are over ten thousand islands to see. You will even see the famous Wilderness Waterway. There are also several opportunities for birding and photography.

Everglades Swamp Stomp Walking Eco Tour

Another nature area to visit is the Florida Everglades tour. On this tour you can encounter a variety of plant and animal life. Here you can have a leisurely paced walked through the Florida Everglades. This can help you to view the sights of the wetlands. You will also see the natural history of the Everglades. Also, the current Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan. This is the largest restoration project that has been done. With a guide pointing out the great attractions, wildlife, and plants, you can see what Florida has to offer. You can also choose to have a “wet walk” through the environments, which includes walking through the swamp waters themselves.

The Everglades Excursion

By going on the Everglade Excursion, you can have a certified tour guide show you the ecology and facts of the Everglades. This can be either a half-day or full day excursion. Here, you can learn about the four ecosystems and the wildlife that thrive in the area. The tour guide will educate you on everything along the tour. This includes things from the history of the trading business to the conservation efforts to save the endangered wildlife. This is a great sight seeing adventure for everyone in the family.

The Billie Swamp Safari

On this safari you will be able to explore more than two thousand acres of the Florida Everglades. This safari even includes airboat rides, swamp eco-tours, reptile and critter shows, and wildlife exhibits. Here you can see the abundance of wildlife and nature that Florida has. You can also learn more about Florida’s nature as well. Besides the tour, you can choose to see the Snake and Alligator show. There is also a Swamp Critter Show. Here you can see animal and reptile exhibits. This is both fun and educational as you learn about the wildlife.

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