Summer Vacation at Florida


Fort Myers, Florida is a great place to plan your next vacation for you and your family. You can enjoy the sand, beach, open water, and the historical sites of downtown Fort Myers. Fort Myers has some of the best coastline in Southwest Florida. The beaches include soft sand, while also having plenty of activities to keep everyone occupied for hours. There are also several water sports that you can take part in. This includes jet skis, water skis, and even body surfing. If you do not want to be out in the sun, make sure to visit the museums and attractions that Fort Myers offer. The Fort Myers Imaginarium is a great place to visit for all ages. The hands on museum is educational and fun. There are more than sixty interactive exhibits here. There is also an aquarium that contains sharks, turtles, and other wildlife.


Visit the W.P. Franklin Lock and Dam


Located on the Caloosahatchee River is the W.P. Franklin Lock Recreation Area. This is a nice place where you and your family can have a day of fun and relaxation. While in the park, you will be able to see a wide variety of wildlife. This includes small and large fish, turtles, and several different types of birds. There is even a chance to see an alligator or manatee, depending what side of the river you are on. If you like to see fish, wildlife, and nature, this is the place for you.


See one of the Several Museums and Historical Places


The Southwest Florida Museum of History is interesting and full of historical facts. The location of the museum is on the former Atlantic Coastline Railroad depot in downtown Fort Myers. Some of the exhibits include a collection of artifacts that date to some of the earliest Paleo-Indian natives. There are also artifacts that go back to the Calusa and Seminole tribes. There are also displays of Spanish and early American settler items in the collection. A Pullman railway car is another item that is among the exhibits at the museum.


What else there is to See and Do in Fort Myers


If you are in to collecting shells, visit the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum. Fort Myers and the surrounding coastlines have what has been called the best shelling in the world. This small museum includes local treasures from near and far away. There are also exhibits of shells from beaches on every continent. You can also visit the Edison and Ford estates. This includes a tour inside the homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. You can even view the laboratory that Edison set up. Make sure to visit the gardens and museum that is on site for the public. The Key West Express is also another exciting thing to do while in Fort Myers. While staying here, take the ferry from here to Key West. This is a large and fast ferry. This can make for an excellent trip and a day full of fun. No matter what you like to do or see, there is something waiting for you in Fort Myers, Florida.

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