The Butterfly Estates In Fort Myers Florida

There are many things to do and see in Fort Myers, Florida. Many of the area’s attractions are all within easy walking distance of one another. To name a few, you can take a tour in a museum your children will enjoy the most: the Imaginarium Hands-On Museum & Aquarium. You can spend a night solving a mystery aboard the Seminole Railroad Mystery Train. And, if you are one of those people who like being in touch with nature, you should take the chance to visit the great new Eco-Attraction known as The Butterfly Estates.

The historical buildings have just been through a four year renovation and now are ready to receive visitors all year long.

This attraction combines a beautiful botanical park together with natural conservation of butterfly species. It is a very peaceful, quiet place, where you can walk and enjoy being surrounded by thousands of magnificent butterflies, in every possible size and color!

The main attraction is a 3,614 sq. foot Glazed Glass Butterfly Conservatory, with waterfalls and tropical nectar plants, flowers and trees, imitating the natural habitat of butterflies. This experience is the first one of its kind in the downtown Fort Myers River District. It is ideal for calming down and taking a break from all the urban surroundings.

While visiting the Butterfly Estates, you get the chance to learn the interesting facts about butterflies’ life cycle and how they positively impact the environment. If you are a lover of butterflies, and you wish to see them more often in your garden back home, here you can also recollect facts about which kinds of plants yous should grow in order to attract specific species.

Are you a nature photographer? Odds are you won’t be able to find a better place in the country to photograph butterflies from around the world on any day of the year. Start a digital butterfly collection while in Fort Myers.

The butterflies are certainly the main attraction. However, once you are there, it is worth visiting the southern style restaurant Flutterby’s Cafe, which was built in 1913. After spending a wonderful afternoon with the butterflies, you can enjoy a nice warm cup of organic coffee or tea, together with some delicious treats. They offer a great variety of sandwiches and some fresh, healthy salads.

Of course, if you have a sweet tooth, you won’t want to miss the lovely Old Fashioned Ice Cream & Sweet Shop called Caterpillars Ice Cream & Fudge Factory. There you can taste some of the delicious homemade fudge and fresh ice cream flavors. The outdoor porches date from 1914.

Finally, a stop at Mother Natures Gift Shop is highly recommended. All gifts are nature oriented, such as soy based candles and gorgeous framed butterflies (it is worth noticing that no butterflies are harmed, since every single piece of art is obtained from naturally diseased insects). By purchasing a souvenir, you can take home a little piece of this wonderful little world, which is the butterfly sanctuary.

The Butterfly Estates opens every day, and you can visit the outdoor gardens for free. However, you should definitely visit the glass encircled conservatory, so be ready to pay an admission. It is $15.00 for adults over 17 and $9.00 for children between 3 and 16. Children under 3 are free. Definitely worth it!

For more information about the Butterfly Estates, please check out their website. If you visit, please come back and leave a comment for the rest of our readers to see.

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