Things to Do in Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers Florida has an abundance of fun activities and attractions for people of all ages. While staying here, make sure to take in some of the top rated things to do and see while in Fort Myers. Florida has some of the best weather this time of the year, so why not get out and enjoy it. Fort Myers offers several great golf courses. This way you can enjoy the outdoors, while also playing a nice round of golf.

Seeing Wildlife in Fort Myers

While visiting Fort Myers, make sure to go to the Manatee Park. This is a non-captive refuge park for the Florida Manatees. Generally, February is ideal month to visit this park. This is because of the cooler gulf temperature, which allows the manatees to be present. They will typically not be there around warmer summer months. Besides seeing manatees, this park also has an elaborate butterfly garden. This is a demonstration landscape for the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods program. While touring this park, birds and other wildlife can also be seen throughout it. The manatee Park also offers great amenities to visit and see. For younger kids there is a playground. There is also an amphitheater to enjoy. Fishing fanatics can enjoy the fishing pier that is located there. This overlooks the Orange River. You can also have the option to travel in a kayak down the Orange River for a fun exploration.

Enjoy Fishing while on your Trip

While visiting Fort Myers, take some time to enjoy the fishing opportunities it has to offer. You can enjoy backwater, offshore, fly fishing, and flats fishing. In some places, you can even enjoy deep-water fishing. The backwater areas can include bays, creeks, and swamps. These can provide ideal places for shrimp, crabs, and small types of fish. It can also help to provide ideal feeding ground for many of the gaming fish. These could include tarpon, redfish, and other species. During certain months of the year, the Fort Myers area experiences the largest tarpon migrations. Fishermen will come from miles around to take part in fishing tournaments that are held. There are also plenty of boat rental companies that can allow you to venture out on your own. Some even offer sailing classes to new sailors. If you feel like exploring waterways of southwest Florida, you can rent a kayak or a canoe. This can be a great opportunity to see and experience the natural wildlife and vegetation of Florida.

Enjoy the Golf Courses while in Fort Myers

Florida is an ideal place for a round of golf. Fort Myers offers several public and country club courses for you to enjoy. These courses range in how challenging they are. There is a course for every level of player out there. A majority of these courses are open to the public. Make sure to look into a golf course to test your skills and enjoy a nice round of golf.

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