Visit the Art of the Olympians Museum

When on vacation in the Fort Myers area, make sure to take time and visit the Art of the Olympians Museum. This is both fun and educational for family members of any age. You will be able to learn some great historical facts on the Olympics. The Art of the Olympians Museum was founded by the USA Olympic discus thrower, Al Oerter. He went on to win gold medals at four consecutive Olympic games. This museum started with this man’s vision, but now is an international phenomenon. The museum also includes more than seventy Olympian Artists from around the world.

Programs and Activities to do

The museum offers programs of art, sport, education, and Olympic values. This can help the youth in the community, as well as other communities be the best that they can be. In the program, Athletes Caring for Tomorrow, the youth can help to succeed. Olympian athletes will volunteer their time to encourage the children in the classroom, as well as in athletics. There is also another group where female Olympian athletes will work with young kids. By having programs for the children, this can help to inspire them in the future.

Education at the Museum

While visiting the museum, you can be educated on the history of the Olympics. There are art exhibits in the gallery that can change every two to three months. There is information about a particular artist as well as facts about their country of origin. There is even information how they became involved in their sport for the Olympics. The museum also shows a wide range of media from the artists. Besides art, the museum will also display memorabilia from past Olympics and Olympians. This is great information for ancient and modern day Olympics. There are also some historical parts that may never be seen again. While here, you can see the displays of sporting equipment that are on display.

History of the Museum

The museum was initially built as a dedication for the Olympics that were held each year. Early on, the Olympics were much different than they are today. There was more art to sport connectivity between the events. Art competitions were held alongside the sports competitions. Medals were then awarded in five categories. These included architecture, literature, music, painting, and sculpture. Today, the Art of the Olympians celebrate the relationship between art and sports. The Olympic Sports Gallery features numerous items from the Olympics. These include equipment, uniforms, and memorabilia. This can help to connect you with the history of the Olympic competitions. It also helps to inform those who see it about the athletes that participated in the Olympics. This is museum is a beneficial attraction. It can also help to educate those who want to know the origins of the Olympics. With artifacts from some of the first Olympics and some from the recent Olympics, you will find this both informative and fascinating. No matter if you enjoy the arts, sports, or both, it is worth visiting the Art of the Olympians Museum.

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