Visit the Edison and Ford Winter Estates when in Fort Myers

When in Fort Myers, make sure to visit the Edison and Ford Winter Estates. There is a seventeen acre botanical garden. There is also a historical museum that is fascinating for tourists of all ages. This site is on the other side of the winter homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. It is also beside the Caloosahatchee River. This can offer you several scenic areas to enjoy the warm and comfortable temperatures of Florida. While here, also make sure to take advantage of several other great sight seeing attractions and places. This is one of the best spots to visit while you are on your vacation. If flying in to Fort Myers, make sure to rent a car so you can have your own schedule. This allows you to come and go as you please, and visit the areas you would like to.


Edison and Ford Winter Estates History

This site dates back to eighteen eight five when Edison visited Florida for the first time. He purchased the property to build a vacation home for himself. This home, which was completed just two years later, would serve as his winter retreat. It also was a place of relaxation for Edison until is death in nineteen thirty one. Henry Ford then purchased the property neighboring the vacation home of Edison. This was purchased in nineteen sixteen. In nineteen forty seven, Edison’s wife then signed the property over to the City of Fort Myers. This was in memory of her husband while also allowing the public to enjoy it. The property was then opened in nineteen fifty for public tours. In nineteen ninety, the Ford estate was purchased and opened for public tours as well.

The Gardens that you can Visit

Along with the museum and historical scenery, there is also a garden. The Edison botanical garden contains more than one thousand varieties of plants. These plants are not just specific to Florida and the southern regions, but they are also examples of plants from around the world. One specific plant is a four hundred foot banyan tree that was given by Harvey Firestone. This dates back to nineteen twenty five. Originally, this was an experimental garden for industrial products.

A Laboratory for Rubber at the Estates

During the years of nineteen fourteen through nineteen eighteen, Edison was concerned that the cost of rubber would rise drastically. He was also aware that the cost of the production and the transportation of rubber would also go up significantly. He tried to find a crop that would grow quickly. This crop would also have to contain enough latex to help support his research. In nineteen twenty eight the location was found and the predominant laboratory was utilized in the corporation. This happened to be in Fort Myers, Florida. Here, Edison did a majority of his research. He also planted many of the exotic plants and trees. There is so much to see and do, everyone in the family will find this place fun and educational.

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